... but Maguire warns of shortages

Maguire joined Euro boss Reeves in celebrating the worldwide November launch – but at the same time warned that there are inherent problems with such a diverse region. “We might have expected to go as late as next spring in Europe so the launch is great for retail in particular,” Maguire told MCV.

"PAL has emerged in the last few years as more important as a whole because of its growth, and it is natural that you cut up stock in proportion to market share. PAL presents more difficulties as you’ve got over 100 territories and localisation issues to deal with, but we’ve done it before so we know how to deal with it."

"Of course the launch is important but we are looking at a sustainable long terms business plan – it is impractical to believe you can fulfil every single order. But we are going to do the best job we can to deliver what we hope will be a world beating console."

And Maguire also suggested that there will be plenty of next-gen titles on show at this year’s E3. "I think E3 will be a great show place for PS3 software. It will be one of the more important E3s – you’ll see for yourself."


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