Call of Duty inspires new retailers

Ben Parfitt
Call of Duty inspires new retailers

modern warfare 2 has enticed yet more retailers into games, with petrol vendor BP the latest non-traditional chain to start selling triple-A product.

The latest Call Of Duty was available at over 300 BP stations from midnight on November 10th.

And now the firm wants to expand its range in 2010. A BP spokesperson said: “We have been trialling selling games. We see this as a good category to get involved in.”

Activision’s sales director Roy Stackhouse added: “When BP approached us we were extremely interested.  With gaming proving to be an ever-important element in entertainment, I am sure games will be an increasing focus for many of the non-traditional games outlets.”

Cash and carry outlet Makro has also used COD’s success to increase its share of the games market, offering the title to customers for a mere £20.

Makro UK commercial director Allard Sjollema said: “Games might not be traditionally associated with Makro, but we have reversed this assumption and raised our profile in the industry.”


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