Capcom not taking action against Samuragochi

Alex Calvin
Capcom not taking action against Samuragochi

Capcom has responded to allegations that it knew Japanese composer Mamoru Samuragochi was deaf.

The publisher has said it has no plans to take legal action against the composer.

In a statement to Eurogamer, the publisher said: "We at Capcom were truly surprised by Samuragochi's recent admission

"However, as both soundtracks involved are no longer in circulation, we have no plans to take action of any kind."

This follows the revelation last week that the composer had been outsourcing his work to a third party as he claimed he had lost his hearing – though he admitted in a statement on Wednesday that his deafness was partly fake.

The 50-year-old composer had previously claimed to have lost his hearing aged 35. Prior to these revelations, Samuragochi was famous for penning the soundtracks to Capcom classics Resident Evil: Director's Cut and Onimusha. 


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