Capcom profits climb

For the three-month period ending June 30th, net income was $7m, up from $5.3m in the same quarter last year. Net sales slipped slightly, falling from $99m in 2006 to $92m.

Capcom pinned the slight dip on the fact that a higher proportion of its titles in the period were smaller, lower-priced games, whilst many were also collaborative efforts where the revenues were shared.

The company also stated that home console game demand had slowed as a result of the transition period, but that the portable games sector had “grown favourably”.

Top selling games in the period included Okami for PS2 in Japan (though European gamers must wait until 2007 to enjoy that title), Mega Man ZX for DS, Monster Hunter Freedom on PSP and Mega Man Battle Network 6 for GBA.

Other sources of revenue included distribution of gaming music through iTunes in Japan, increased business in the mobile phone sector and success in the arcades. Capcom also stated that it intends to expand its LCD games division into a fully-fledged business later this year.


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