CEX is selling Kinect-less Xbox Ones for £315

Ben Parfitt
CEX is selling Kinect-less Xbox Ones for £315

One UK retailer has already started selling Xbox One without Kinect.

An official £350 Xbox One SKU without Kinect will be released on June 9th, but CEX has begun selling the console without the camera already.

Shoppers can order an unboxed pre-owned machine for either £315 or £325 (we’re not sure what the difference between the two versions is) or a boxed option for £340.

The Kinect 2.0 camera itself can be had for £20. Alternatively, CEX will give you £5 cash for the peripheral or £8 of in-store credit.

Incidentally, it is also offering pre-owned PS4s for £330.

UPDATE: GAME has pointed out to MCV via Twitter that it is offering pre-owned Xbox Ones WITH Kinect for £299.99.


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