Child of Eden dated for June

Ben Parfitt
Child of Eden dated for June

Publisher Ubisofot has confirmed via its Facebook page that Xbox 360 Kinect title Child of Eden will be released on June 14th.

No further details are given, though as that's a Tuesday presumably that's the North American date. That means a probable European arrival on June 17th.

Ever since its unveiling at E3 last year, Child of Eden has remained a poster child for the core gaming aspirations of Microsoft's Xbox 360 Kinect accessory.

Developed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the legendary creator of titles such as Sega Rally, Space Channel 5 and Lumines, Child of Eden is a spiritual successor to his 2001 hit Rez.

Explaining the game is quite a task, so instead here's the initial debut trailer:

UPDATE: Ubisoft has now confirmed a June 17th release for the UK. The PS3 version of the game remains TBC.


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