Christmas cracker ahead after bumper sales week

This week the UK saw the highest software sales of the year so far. And as EA moves into the top two positions in the charts, the really big sales are yet to come with an unprecedented number of consoles on the market and a public poised to spend big in the last few weeks of the year.

“The last few Christmases have been coming later and later in terms of punters going out and buying,” ChartTrack director Dorian Bloch told MCV. “If that continues expect huge sales in the week after next.”

And although all the hype and momentum is with Xbox 360 and Wii, the smart money is on PS2 to bring in the big bucks this Christmas.

“I would imagine Christmas number one will be a toss up between Need for Speed and FIFA this year,” said Bloch. “PS2 is still king, but it’ll be a different story next year.”

While Sony takes advantage of its vast installed base, it seems Microsoft and Nintendo will have to concentrate on shifting hardware before it can genuinely take on the might of the market leader.

“Microsoft has said that it would reach a million 360 units by Christmas but sales so far come to around 700,000 in total. Gears of War was always going to be a big title but even if they sell it to every single 360 owner it can’t compete with the installed base of PS2,” said Bloch. “Wii has its opening weekend and one week after that to make the Christmas charts. Whether Zelda or any other title make a difference depends on the number of Wiis out there.”


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