Church of England calls for strict games regulation

Church of England calls for strict games regulation

An unfortunate muddle of fear and disgust towards violent game content was expressed by the Anglican church last night – with its legislative body calling for strict regulation of games.

A Church of England general synod meeting saw the subject of game content re-treaded, with the council calling on the government to implement tighter controls on game advertisment campaigns.

“There is a bubbling sewer of gratuitously violent and sexual pornography and games all around us,” said Church of England synod lay member Tom Benyon.

“I have seen its pernicious effect. A family member saw a so-called ‘game’ and he had nightmares. The images remained with him for months," he added.

Benyon was willing to show the general synod members a DVD compilation of violent game scenes which, we imagine, narrow-mindedly condenses a complex and important issue into a ghastly snuff film montage, void of context.
However, Benyon’s revulsion for violent content spurred the former Tory MP to condemn games that don’t even exist:

"Why is it acceptable, indeed lawful, to portray the killing and burning of a woman in Fatality, [or] the sawing up of a woman in Mortal Kombat, or playing football with severed heads; the chainsaw killing of a man in Saw III, rape, torture and so on?”


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