Codemasters reveals new gaming trio

UK publisher and developer Codemasters has lifted the veil on its upcoming titles for 2008, with a new instalment of the successful TOCA series, an FPS sequel and a Greek-themed RPG all revealed for the first time.

Race Driver One will use Codemasters’ much-touted Neon game engine, currently being utilised in the next Colin McRae game. Operation Flashpoint 2 is the latest addition to the firm’s realistic war series, and will also use the Neon engine. Rise of the Argonauts, meanwhile, is a new action-RPG property.

All three titles are scheduled to appear on PC and ‘leading’ console platforms.

Codemasters is also celebrating the fact that for the first time it is producing original content in the US, with three studios currently signed up: Liquid Studios (Rise of the Argonauts), InXile Entertainment (Hei$t) and Spark Unlimited (Turning Point: Fall of Liberty).

The news follows yesterday’s announcement of another instalment in its Race Driver series, Create & Race on the DS. As well as offering a wide range of racing options, the game offers a detailed track construction kit allowing DS owners to create their own circuits.


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