Commodore Gaming PCs revealed

Following success with its rejuvenated mobile gaming push, Commodore’s renewed drive into the hardware market has been revealed for the first time.

Coming in the shape of four games-orientated PCs, the firm is looking to take on the likes of Dell-owned Alienware in the market for high-spec PCs that are specifically designed for gamers.

The four models so far revealed range from the entry level Commodore Cg up to the ‘extreme’ level Cxx. All four machines run Microsoft Windows Vista 64 and come equipped with high-spec peripherals from the likes of Raptor and Logitech.

Bala Keilman, CEO for Commodore Gaming, commented: “The all new Commodore range of PC's will allow gamers of all levels to enjoy the best that PC gaming has to offer. From beginners to professionals, Commodore Gaming ensures that only the very best components are provided to deliver the ultimate PC gaming experience.  We also wanted to bring something new to the market, in the spirit of our Commodore heritage, and have worked hard to design a fully personalised product”.

Commodore also offers gamers the facility to artistically customize machines with specially selected design including street art, photography and PC game artwork.


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