Consoles, unite! Valve and Blizzard want online harmony

Ben Parfitt
Consoles, unite! Valve and Blizzard want online harmony

Two of the world’s most influential PC games studios want Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to break down the barricades to their consoles’ online services.

Gabe Newell and Frank Pearce, the co-founders of Valve Software and Blizzard Entertainment, both believe that online unification between consoles would be a progressive step for the industry.

Pearce told Develop that it would be “ideal to have a unified online community regardless of the platform that gamers are playing on”. Newell told Develop that he’d prefer to see the industry “figure out how to make the internet better instead of figuring out how to keep customers off the internet”.

“One way is a dead end, the other creates more value,” he added.

For a far more detailed look at the story, head over to Develop.


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