Cost concerns force E3 pow-wow

Despite the Los Angeles event's undoubted importance and pulling power, some leading companies - and particularly Electronic Arts - have called for a review of the event in terms of budgets required.

As belts have been tightened through transition, so exhibitors are rightly questioning every element of their trade show expense.

MCV understands that a meeting has been held between ESA president Doug Lowenstein (pictured) and major exhibitors in the US to discuss next year.

"Costs have been getting out of hand. We're talking double digit millions for some of us," said one senior industry insider.  "But that's not just floorspace, of course - it's build, parties, hotels, flights. Security, particularly, has become a massive cost."

Most agree that E3 is an excellent event and not in any danger, but in current market conditions it would appear that everything has to be challenged.

No one at the ESA was available for comment.


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