Crackdown on blaggers

Doors open for retailers from 9am on the first day of the show, Wednesday May 10th, with media and other business visitors not being allowed into the halls until 11am.

The move will be applauded by retailers, some of whom had become frustrated by the Los Angeles event’s success – its huge popularity sometimes making it difficult to get to meetings or see new products.

E3 is ramping up efforts to ensure that the LA Convention Center is only entered by genuine trade and decision makers. It has even forced eBay to take down pre-reg badges being offered to the highest bidder.

US retailers, often the biggest culprits when it comes to blagging entry, are being limited to how many people they can register, or else choose to pay $500 per delegate. And media qualification is becoming increasingly stringent.

“We are being strict, but it’s very important that the many retailers who read MCV across the UK and Europe know that we are not applying the $500 rule to international retailers,” offered an E3 spokesperson.

“We assume that since an 'off-shore' retailer is going to incur expenses to fly all the way to LA that they're not a casual store clerk who wants to see the latest and greatest, so they shouldn't be alarmed.”

This year’s E3 runs from May 10th to 12th and will once again host an impressive array of exhibitors and new product unveilings.


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