Daily Mail: Games are hurting kids

The Daily Mail has reported that children are more likely to suffer injuries from video games than they are from climbing trees.

The newspaper quotes figures collected from UK hospitals, which show that there has been an increase of 35 per cent in Repetitive Strain Injury amongst children since 1999.

Meanwhile, figures show the number of children treated for falling out of trees dropped by 36 per cent between 1999 and 2006 - from 1,823 to 1,163.

According to The Mail, the statistics have “further fuelled fears that British children are being robbed of their childhood”.

The article bears the headline: ‘PlayStation generation that will never climb a tree.’

A spokesman for The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents told the Mail: “Climbing trees and falling out of them is all part of growing up. Having small injuries helps children learn about risk.”

The article also quotes The Mighty Oak Tree Climbing Co, which organises climbing with ropes and harnesses for children and adults.

“My children are never happier than when they're up a tree,” added MD Alan Stock.

“I used to climb trees when I was younger and my friend fell out of a tree and broke his leg.

'Now I don't think I even see children climbing trees, apart from my own kids. It's the culture we are in - the computerised age.

“At least climbing trees gives kids an appreciation of our surroundings. But playing computer games doesn't really teach us anything. It's easy to end up sitting indoors for hours on end.”


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