Digital gamers spend £24 a month

Michael French
Digital gamers spend £24 a month

Gamers are spending over £20 every month on digital content. MCV’s survey into the habits and opinions of download-loving gamers showed that on average regular users of these services spend £24 on apps, virtual items, DLC, downloads and subscriptions.

We surveyed 633 gamers that regularly use services like PSN, XBLA, iTunes, Steam and

Last week we revealed that a fifth of them no longer trust those services to look after their personal data properly. A further third say they doubt publishers can prevent online hacks.

The news about how much gamers spend on these services will come as an even starker warning to those already concerned about dented consumer confidence. Hacks and security breaches could take that £24 average down if gamers switch off from download services – when what publishers want is for it to rise as games retail spending slows.

Meanwhile, our survey also showed that Steam was the most popular download platform used, followed by Xbox Live, Facebook, PSN and iTunes.


We asked our panel of 633 gamers what services they used regulary. Here’s the Top Ten most popular online marketplaces:

1. Steam – Used by 73% of respondents
2. Xbox Live & Xbox Live Marketplace – 70%
3. Facebook – 66%
4. PlayStation Network – 65%
5. iTunes & App Store – 55%
6. – 38%
7. EA Store/EA Origin – 32%
8. Nintendo eStore/Wii Shop – 31%
9. uPlay – 17%
10. Good Old Games – 16%


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