Disc-based games sales fall in US

Ben Parfitt
Disc-based games sales fall in US

A new report from The Entertainment Merchants Association has revealed that sales of physical games on disc declined significantly in 2010.

Gamasutra reports that in 2010 71 per cent of all video games sold in the US were on disc. In 2009 that figure stood at between 80 and 90 per cent.

The same report claims that 44 per cent of console owning households purchased downloadable games in the last year. By 2013 that’s expected to reach 58 per cent.

In addition, 40 per cent of the total usage of Xbox 360 and PS3 was for non-gaming purposes. 27 per cent of PS3 usage is watching Blu-ray movies and 13 per cent downloaded or streamed movies.

However, the EMA adds that while it might be falling, physical games sales remain THE most important segment in the market, and will do for the time being.

"The home entertainment industry should be encouraged by the strong consumer support for packaged media demonstrating that discs and digital content will coexist in the foreseeable future," EMA president and CEO Bo Andersen stated.


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