Disney reveals new Touchstone for grown-up games

While family-friendly titles like Spectrobes will retain the new Disney Interactive Studios name and logo, in a further twist the firm told MCV that its more ‘grown-up’ titles like Anno and Turok (pictured) will now be released as Touchstone titles in Europe. In the US they will hit retail under the ABC label.

Speaking exclusively to MCV, European VP Thierry Braille revealed that last week’s change to Disney Interactive Studios was not the last of the firm’s re-branding initiative.

“We are very determined to continue the exploration of non-Disney IPs and we have a label for that which will be Touchstone,” said Braille. “Touchstone is for all non-Disney IPs like Turok, and in the US it is the same but they may use the ABC brand.”

And Braille went on to insist that the latest change in branding is not a change in strategy. “The Disney brand is very strong with kids but it is also very strong with other audiences. It is not a change of strategy.

"We are still determined to pursue projects which will not be Disney branded, and Turok is one example of that. We will continue to create new IPs and also new Disney branded IPs, with Spectrobes being the first live example of that."


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