DS outperforms PSP in Japan

June 9th by Johnny Minkley

The software tie ratio for Nintendo DS has topped that of Sony's PSP in Japan for the first time since the two systems launched.

According to information collated by Famitsu, for the period from December 2nd 2005 to June 5th 2005, DS has now achieved a tie ratio of 1.86 compared with 1.83 for Sony’s rival PSP handheld.

Famitsu attributes the surge in the performance of Nintendo’s console to strong sales of two titles: Nintendogs, and the succinctly titled Tohoku Daigaku Mirai-Kagaku-Gijutsu-Kyodo-Kenkyu-Center Kawashima Ryuta Kyoju Kanshu: Nou wo Kitaeru Otona no DS Training – a rough English translation of which is: ‘Tohoku University future scientific study centre - Professor Kahashima Ryuuta’s brain pick adult DS training.'

The latter title was originally released as a million-selling book. Famitsu believes that Nintendo released these two titles having successfully foreseen a sharp drop in the birth-rate in Japan, targeting ‘general game users’ with both.

Cumulative figures for DS and PSP in Japan, for the period of December 2nd 2004 to June 5th 2005, are as follows:

Launch date: December 2nd, 2004
Hardware (units): 2,187,747
Software (units): 4,078,895
Tie ratio: 1.86
Number of titles released: 36

Launch date: December 12th, 2004
Hardware (units): 1,391,270
Software (units): 2,550,381
Tie ratio: 1.83
Number of titles released: 39

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