DSi price falls to £119.99

Ben Parfitt
DSi price falls to £119.99

The drop in trade price on the Nintendo DSi confirmed by Nintendo yesterday should see the handheld sell for around £119.99 going forwards.

Unlike its competitors, Nintendo does not set RRPs for its products, meaning retailers are free to sell the machine for any price they see fit. However, from now on the DSi – which currently retails for around £150 – should be more commonly found for between £120 and £130.

UK retailer GAME, which was already offering the DSi for £119.99 as part of a price promotion prior to yesterday’s announcement, has unsurprisingly welcomed the news.

“Price cuts from the manufacturers are always good news, and our customers will welcome today’s announcement from Nintendo,” head of UK PR Neil Ashurst told MCV.

“The DS range already appeals to a phenomenal range of consumers, and this will be helped even further by today’s news. We will announce our new pricing in due course, there are already some great deals in our stores and online on the DS range and we have a lot more planned in the summer months.”

The normal price for the DSi XL remains at around £159.99 and the older DS Lite can be found for around £99.99.


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