E3 08: Final Fantasy Versus XIII still a PS3 exclusive

Ben Parfitt
With the shock news that Final Fantasy XIII will be released on Xbox 360 alongside PS3 next year still rippling across the industry, Square Enix executive Shinki Hashimoto has confirmed that Final Fantasy Versus XIII, a second RPG due out next year, will remain a PS3 exclusive.

Speaking to PSU, Hashimoto confirmed: “We won't change policy. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still a PS3 exclusive.”

It’s good news for PS3, particularly with talk already emerging of other big exclusive third party IPs possibly following FFXIII’s lead by making the journey to Microsoft’s console.

Versus XIII will be set in the same universe as FFXIII, but will offer a self-contained plot and characters. Also due for release next year is Final Fantasy Agito XIII, a mobile phone title. The three games combined will form the Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII collection.


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