E3 2007: "Don't criticise the experiment"

Lucasarts president and ESA frontman Jim Ward admitted at the opening of this year's E3 that the new-style event is an experiment - and immediately called for patience.

Reiterating the reasons why E3 has switched to Santa Monica and drastically cut its delegates down to just 3,000-4,000, Ward said that there was a new focus on conducting business quietly, reaching the media effectively and demonstrating the games industry's cultural relevance.

But he and his fellow E3 committee members realise that the new event may not please everyone who either attends or observes from afar.

"E3 is no longer about who has the biggest booth or the most decibels," he told the audience at the event's opening ceremony in front of the Fairmont Miramar hotel, Santa Monica.

"This is an experiment. You guys have to tell us if it works or not. But rather than just sitting back and criticising, get on board and experience the event to the full. Make the most of it and you will get plenty out of it."


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