E3 2007: New exclusives heading for PS3

The power of PlayStation was once again unleashed this evening as SCEA announced an impressive line-up of exclusive content for PS3.

Announcing that the next-gen format now will boast over 160 first and third party titles by the year-end, SCEA’s VP of third party and developer support Riley Russell revealed new exclusive content for PS3.

A new deal with MMO specialist Ncsoft will provide a number of online titles exclusively for PS3 and PSP.

Sony has also announced a ‘multi-stage’ agreement with Unreal firm Epic Games, which is already bearing fruit to some 20 games being created using the Unreal Engine. But at the same time, Unreal Tournament 3 will will debut on the PS3 platform.

Meanwhile, Britsoft developer Free Radical Design and Ubisoft will release HAZE exclusively for PS3 this Q4.

And finally Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots will solely arrive on PS3 in early 2008 via Konami.

“We have been working hard to provide third party game publishers with the tools they need to maximise the technological power of PS3 and we’re excited today to showcase first-class exclusive titles from our partners, as well as new developer relationships,” said Russell.

“This support from our third parties is ultimately a real win for not only the PlayStation brand, but more so for our valued consumers who will find something for everyone on PS3 this fiscal year.”


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