E3 2007: Sony unveils PSP 'Lite'

Sony this evening put paid to those long-standing rumours about PSP 2, unveiling a slinky, new version of the handheld that will launch worldwide in September.

Revealed during the games giant’s conference at E3, the new PSP model boasts a 4.3 inch wide high resolution LCD screen and is 33 per cent lighter and 19 per cent slimmer than the original PlayStation Portable.

The new unit also features a video-out port, enabling PSP users to experience high quality UMD video, pictures and movies from Memory Stick Duo and games titles on their TVs at home.

In addition, the new PSP is now able to temporarily store game data from UMDs, reducing load time during gameplay. Moreover, there is now the ability to charge the unit through the PS3 or a PC via USB cable.

The PSP ‘Lite’ will be available in Piano Black, Ceramic White and Ice Silver versions, as well as three pearlised colours under the ‘Blume Series’ of Felicia Blue, Lavender Purple and Rose Pink.

* Picture courtesy of Engadget


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