E3 2011: Kotick shunned by EA on show floor

Ben Parfitt
E3 2011: Kotick shunned by EA on show floor

The most respected journalist at Future's consumer site CVG has reported of a quite remarkable shun on the competitive floors of this year's E3.

The site has been told by a "senior informant" that the personal assistant of Activision CEO Bobby Kotick was seen at the EA stand requesting that her boss be given an allocated slot for some hands-on time with EA's Battlefield 3.

Apparently, after some small amount of deliberation, her request was declined by the EA rep on hand. The excuse given was that senior management had said that "it wouldn't be possible".

CVG reckons a small verbal exchange ensued before both parties parted company.

Pinches of salt to hand? If the piece hadn't been penned by former MCV'er Tim Ingham, perhaps...


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