E3 2011: MS to reveal ‘Diamond’ TV service?

Aaron Lee
E3 2011: MS to reveal ‘Diamond’ TV service?

Microsoft is planning to reveal a TV-on-demand service for Xbox Live, according to WinRumors.

The website caught word that the software giant has been securing last-minute deals for the imminent announcement.

“Microsoft is currently in last minute negotiations to secure the necessary agreements in time,” an anonymous source told WinRumours.

“Apple is in a similar position, speaking to several media groups ahead of its iCloud announcement on Monday.”

The TV service, which Microsoft view as a ‘virtual cable operator’, will reportedly offer content from US operators, and is believed to be part of a new ‘Xbox Live Diamond’ service, which is also due to be revealed.

Diamond subscribers will likely be charged a monthly fee to access the TV-on-demand streaming service as well as Gold features.

In the UK, Sky customers currently have access to a similar service with support for Xbox Avatars.

These rumours come following the platform holder discussing Xbox’s future as an entertainment platform, where it explained that 40 per cent of all Xbox activity now is non-game.


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