E3 2011: Trion Worlds unveils Defiance

James Batchelor
E3 2011: Trion Worlds unveils Defiance

Ambitious MMO developer Trion Worlds has finally lifted the lid on its action MMO project.

Entitled Defiance, the game has been developed for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in conjunction with SyFy and will be closely integrated with an accompanying TV series of the same name.

Both properties are set on a futuristic version of earth where humans and aliens live together. The planet has been decimated by the battles between the two.

The premise is that events that occur in the TV series will then be translated into in-game events, affecting the world and missions that are available to players.

More interestingly, events that occur in the game may be incorporated into the course of the series, and players’ characters may also make cameos as extras.


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