E3 without me

E3 without me
I’ve only missed one E3 since its beginnings back in the late ‘90s, with the event an essential visit for any journalist serious about the industry.

This year, however, the show is a very different affair – and one that has not warranted our entire team heading over to LA. And, you know, there are many things I’m really not missing about not being out there:-

• The 11-hour flight
• The rudeness of the immigration staff at LAX
• The jet-lag
• The pushing and shoving of 20,000 other ‘delegates’ trying to get into the South Hall
• The 11-hour flight
• The blisters on my feet after (once again) attempting to ‘do’ the show in heels
• The smoking ban
• The 11-hour flight

But, let’s be honest. Like even the most show-jaded of industry execs who also haven’t made the trip to Santa Monica this week, there’s lots to miss about E3 – certainly, the E3 of old.

The Red Rock and the Saddle Ranch bars on Sunset Boulevard always provided a great opportunity to meet up with the rest of the industry – very often more so than ‘conventional’ meetings at the show itself.

But the thing that will be missed most is the excitement of the breaking news from the event – whether that be the unveiling of new hardware, new international distribution deals or a glimpse of hot new behind-closed-doors software.
And it’s that excitement that follows it which – at the time of writing, at least – we’re still waiting for on both sides of the Atlantic.

The format holders were keeping their powder dry as MCV went to press. We could be wrong, but – other than the US PS3 price drop and an SCEE ‘value-added’ announcement – there didn’t ‘feel’ like there were any major bombshells being lined up.

But perhaps most importantly of all, the 2007 version of E3 showed that the industry Stateside felt it had to reign in costs. In a market that so often wastes money, that is to be commended. Boring, but to be commended.

And most of the UK and Europe didn’t go at all. Perhaps next year we’ll be invited again. Or we could all go to Cannes instead, of course...


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