EA: A closer look at Faith from the new Mirror's Edge

Ben Parfitt
EA: A closer look at Faith from the new Mirror's Edge

We may not have a release date, but at last EA has finally gone into some detail about its new vision for Mirror’s Edge 2.

Not that it’s called Mirror’s Edge 2. The game is still simply going under the name Mirror’s Edge, and the similarities don’t end there. The video below shows a world that looks much like the one popularised in the first game, albeit one of a far higher visual standard.

There are changes, however, not least in how protagonist Faith traverses the environment.

By grabbing onto pipes she’s able to round corners while wall running with levels designed to offer quicker routes for more skilled players and safer, albeit longer routes, for those who are less confident.

There’s also a broader move set for combat, with Faith focusing on quick melee moves and non-lethal takedowns – all of which can occur without disturbing her stride.

Take a look at the video below:


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