EA Assaults UK charts

June 28th by Neil Long
Medal of Honor: European Assault has battled its way to the top spot in the official ChartTrack all-formats chart this week, along with a foursome of additional new entries from EA, THQ, Sony and Microsoft.

Despite the traditional summer slump, a strong line-up of new releases has given the chart a healthy glow this week. EA’s Battlefield 2 stormed in at number two despite its PC-only release, with THQ’s Destroy All Humans also making a respectable debut at number four.

Meanwhile, Sony’s Tekken 5 made its mark at number six, and Microsoft’s Conker: Live and Reloaded debuted at number ten. THQ’s Juiced is still racing at number three, with GTA: San Andreas slipping from last week’s top spot to number five.

LucasArts’ Star Wars Episode III is hanging on in the top ten at number seven, while EA’s Batman Begins dropped two places to number eight. LEGO Star Wars held on at number nine following an impressive ten weeks in the chart.


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