EA: Dante’s Inferno has performed ‘solidly’

Ben Parfitt
EA: Dante’s Inferno has performed ‘solidly’

Amidst the backdrop of the publisher’s admission that it is in future to be far stricter with its green-flagging of new IP, EA UK’s sales director has said that new franchise Dante’s Inferno has put in a “solid performance”.

However, in line with EA’s pledge to extend the value of titles through post-release digital sales, the game could yet prove a winner if its DLC proves popular.

“The current market makes the establishment of new IP pretty challenging as consumers are perhaps more risk-averse than they otherwise would be,” Davey told MCV.

“But Dante's Inferno proved itself out with a solid performance for a new IP, that gives us a solid platform to continue to engage and excite consumers via PDLC.

“Our studio, Visceral, are very credible in the horror genre – building on a reputation for high quality which they established with Dead Space and continued with Dante's Inferno. Their next offering, Dead Space 2, is shaping up to be a real crowd-pleaser.‬‪

For MCV’s full interview with Rob Davey, check back later today.


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