EA heads to the playground

Ben Parfitt
As part of its on going drive to maximise the success currently being enjoyed by Nintendo’s hugely popular DS and Wii formats, EA has announced another Nintendo-specific title – EA Playground.

Due out this autumn, EA Playground comprises a collection of accessible mini-games designed with the Wii Remote and DS stylus in mind. Both versions will be purpose built to make the most of the host format’s unique properties. The publisher is describing it as ‘the ultimate all-ages party game’.

“Young, old, male or female – EA Playground has something for everyone,” executive producer Dave McCarthy stated. “EA Playground transports you to your fantasy playground, packed with interesting characters, over the top gameplay, and a ton of collectables.

“Kids can bring the excitement of the playground home, and parents or even grandparents can re-experience their childhood thrills.”


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