EA looks to dominate Nintendo formats

Talking to Gamasutra.com as part of a conference call to journalists, Probst said that although he accepted Nintendo’s first-party software was impossible to shift as market leader for the platforms, EA is confident it can become a “very strong number two”.

 “Clearly Nintendo will always be number one on the Wii and Nintendo DS,” he said. “But we have a realistic goal of being number two, with a market share goal of 15 to 20 per cent”.

Probst was joined by other EA execs including CFO Warren Jenson, who talked up the possibilities of EA’s sports titles on the formats.

“We believe that EA Sports, coupled with the right content, can win on both platforms,” said Jenson.

The company was quick to add that its new push on Nintendo’s consoles would not have any effect on its market supremacy on other formats.

“The support for Wii and DS is not at the expense of other platforms that we deem strategic, and you will continue to see us maintaining a strategic position on all platforms,” added Jenson.

EA also revealed that a DS version of Will Wright’s much-anticipated Spore is in the works.


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