EA: Market share not vital to PS3 success

Electronic Arts’ executive VP of international publishing has said that even if Sony loses market share with PS3, the console can still be considered a hit.

Gerhard Florin believes that Nintendo’s continual expansion of the market may leave each platform holder increasing sales – because the “total pie is much bigger”.

“Sony might really increase their numbers, their units, as they've expected, and still lose market share, because Nintendo finds so many new consumers,” Florin told GamesIndustry.biz. “If you add that, the total pie is much bigger and everybody's happy - but the share is much more balanced.”

Florin commented that the current console war is the first time that each of the three leading consoles had unique appeal.

“The rival consoles aren't offering something the same, they're offering something different - so the consumer all of a sudden gets a choice,” he said. “You can go for the Wii, the fun, entertainment part, or more for the online part with the Xbox 360 or more for the high tech part with Sony.

“So you have three pretty much distinct positionings and offerings which will definitely grow the market enormously, but of course will create maybe a different split.”


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