EA maxing out iPad game prices

Ben Parfitt
EA maxing out iPad game prices

Having dropped off the radar for a few months, EA’s iPhone version of Mirror’s Edge has reportedly re-merged as an iPad-optimised title – with a an iPad-optimised price tag.

TouchArcade reports that the game will carry a $14.99 price tag when it hits the App Store in conjunction with the launch of the iPad this weekend in North America.

That’s likely to translate to anything between £9.99 and £11.99 on the UK version of Apple’s portal.

It joins EA’s fellow iPad launch title Command & Conquer: Red Alert in carrying what is a very high price point for the App Store, which is a market that has primarily succeeded due to the very low price of its games.

For instance, Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars costs £29.99 on both DS and PSP. The iPhone version, in contrast, costs just £5.99.


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