EA Salt Lake suffers unspecified number of layoffs

Erik Johnson
EA Salt Lake suffers unspecified number of layoffs

EA has confirmed an unspecified number of layoffs at its Salt Lake branch, adding that multiple development teams have been affected by the move.

The publisher told Game Informer that the redundancies were part of its planned shift to mobile. While a specific number wasn't mentioned, the Salt Lake studio housed more than 100 employees as of earlier this month.

"EA Salt Lake is becoming largely focused on mobile development, including The Sims and other projects," a representative said.

"Recent shifts unfortunately resulted in the reduction of a few teams. As we look to match skills with opportunities, some staff will be offered other positions at EA, while others will leave the company."

EA Salt Lake was responsible for much of The Sims franchise's recent content, along with the development of Risk: Factions.


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