Early Access game Robocraft reaches 1m players

Craig Chapple
Early Access game Robocraft reaches 1m players

Free-to-play multiplayer shooter Robocraft has surpassed one million registered players.

The game, described as a mash-up between Minecraft and World of Tanks, is still in alpha and has just been released on Steam Early Access. Though the title has been available prior to its Steam release, Freejam game director Mark Simmons told Develop that releasing the title on the digital store has resulted in a significant jump in players.

“We jumped from 20,000 users per day, to 100,000 users per day, pretty much overnight,” said Simmons. “From 2,500 online fighting at the same time dropping lower in early morning to 12,000 users online fighting 24/7. Lets just say we've been doing a lot of fire-fighting over the last few weeks to keep the servers coping, but we're on top of it now.”

Develop has more details.


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