Early selling blights PS3 on Continent

Whilst things remain calm on the UK High Street for the moment, Italian retailers have broken the street date for PS3 and begun selling hardware to customers.

Gamesindustry.biz reports that the problem originanted when a small chain called Darty placed an advertisement in national newspapers publicising its intention to break the street date. In response, many larger chains, including GameStop, immediately began selling the machines themselves.

An SCEE spokesperson said: “Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is deeply disappointed by the unilateral decision of some Italian retail chains to commence the sale of PS3 to consumers before this official launch date, and we will carefully consider all available options in relation to retailers who have commenced sale of PS3 prior to 23rd March 2007.

“Such decisions run counter to our policy of consumer protection which seeks to ensure that all of our consumers have an equal opportunity to purchase PS3.”

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