EA’s Boogie onto Wii

An original IP named Boogie is currently in development by EA Montreal – the studio behind SSX Blur and upcoming PS3 epic Army Of Two.

Boogie, which sees gamers dancing, singing and starring in their own music videos, is due for a global release in 2007.

The combined singing and dancing game takes advantage of the Wii’s Remote and Nunchuck controllers.

According to EA, Boogie will also have gamers starring in their own music videos. Players can choose and customise characters to best show off their skills.

“We’re creating something new and different for gamers of all ages to enjoy; the complete party package where gamers can dance as well as sing,” said VP and general manage at EA Montreal Alain Tascan.

“Nintendo’s Wii is an amazing console that really gives us a platform to be creative and to re-think traditional game development.”


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