EA’s Ubisoft acquisition still a possibility

In an interview with Gamasutra, EA’s COO Bing Gordon has refused to rule out a possible acquisition of rival French publisher Ubisoft – adding that it is IP, and not people, that is the determining factor in any takeover.

When asked if the move is possible, Gordon stated: “I think everybody is for sale. I think in general, successful intellectual properties in all media are undervalued, especially in our media.

“If you do an acquisition, you have to think about whether the intellectual property can succeed without the people, or if the important people want to get promoted in a big organisation.

“The thing about acquisitions is that the only time it works is if you've got an intellectual property that can succeed without the people, or if the people have a ten-year career path that they're interested in at EA. If you acquire someone who really wants to stop working or take the money and run, it doesn't work out.”


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