Eidos big hitters coming to PS3

Eidos parent company SCi has made a commercial decision to bring two of its most anticipated titles to PS3, with both games receiving a multi-platform release in the firm’s next finanacial year.

Roaming action epic Kane & Lynch will arrive on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC before Christmas, whilst FPS Crossfire will be released on the same formats in 2008.

The SCi Board believes that the cross-platform release will benefit the long-term revenue potential for both franchises.

The SCi statement reads:

“The short term consequence of these changes is to move the expected contribution from the Xbox 360 and PC versions of these two titles from the 2007 financial year to the 2008 financial year.
"The Board expects that the aggregate impact for the current financial year will be a reduction of EBITDA for the 12 months to 30 June of £6 million.  

"However, the Board believes that the short term impact of the revised release schedule will be more than compensated for by the upside of the addition of a PlayStation 3 version and a multi-platform simultaneous release at a time when next generation platforms are at critical mass.  

“Accordingly the Board will initially increase its internal profit target for the 2008 financial year by approximately £10 million, which is significantly more than the reduction to the 2007 financial year.”


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