Eidos discards Core, looks to Europe

The British super-publisher, which was saved and merged into SCi a year ago, is retaining the Core name but all staff and assets have been transferred to indie Brit studio Rebellion.

Core created Tomb Raider and was crucial to the emergence of Eidos as a global force in the 1990s. But Lara Croft was taken away by the old Eidos management and given to Crystal Dynamics.

The 60 staff will all be employed by Rebellion. They are currently working on a sequel to Shellshock.

SCi is following a strategy of in-house studios for top franchises and third party deals elsewhere, whilst also eagerly looking at new resources in Europe. Wholly-owned studios now consist of Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider), I-O (Hitman), Pivotal (Conflict) and Beautiful Game (Championship Manager).

The publisher also has 25 per cent stakes in Pyro and Rock Steady, with another 15 or so third party partners


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