ELSPA backs Eidos call for UK government action

The backing follows MCV’s story in which the Eidos boss criticised the Government’s failure to give developers enough incentive to set up shop in Britain – resulting in a ‘brain drain’ of talent from the UK.

ELSPA’s Jackson has now backed Cavanagh, saying: "Jane's comments reflect the very serious position the industry finds itself in. ELSPA has been engaging with the new Brown Government on this issue via the DCMS and DEBRR. Our impression is that the Government understands that there is a serious problem here and we have been invited back to discuss the issue further."

“However we are wary that historically Government has never really given us the support we require when compared with other industries in our sector,” he added. “It is therefore is up to this new administration to reverse the failings of the past and fully support the games industry at this difficult time."


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