ELSPA the defender - unless you're Rockstar

ELSPA the defender - unless you're Rockstar
It seems to have spoken to the media before Take 2/Rockstar.
Which makes you wonder if the  strategy was to get the Manhunt 2 issue dealt with as quickly as possible.

This is perhaps understandable given the mess that was caused by the original Manhunt three years ago, and the sequel is clearly a very violent game. But it’s not the only one.

I am no apologist for Rockstar and, personally, cannot see the appeal of a game like Manhunt 2. But one has to wonder if it has been fairly treated.

When something like this occurs in our business, it raises a multitude of questions. Is the ban really evidence that the industry’s rating system works – given that pan-Euro body PEGI has passed it? And so has the US, for that matter.

Do the events of this past week mean that the games trade body will always back a BBFC ban and never defend a games publisher?

Is Manhunt 2 really worse than the movies Hostel and Saw 3? Or a novel like American Psycho? This could be the thin end of the wedge for games when it comes to violence and ratings. Perhaps rightly so, but it is a debate, surely.

I wonder how the BBFC and ELSPA would have viewed the next Silent Hill, Resident Evil or Condemned if they were Rockstar games.

And will they be banned now? Whatever ELSPA might hope, this ain’t gonna go away.


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