Epic saw no profit from Bulletstorm sales

Ben Parfitt
Epic saw no profit from Bulletstorm sales

Mike Capps, the president of developer Epic, has admitted that its early 2011 release Bulletstorm has failed to make any money for the studio.

The game’s actual sales figures were not revealed, though Capps told Kotaku that he remains faithful to Bulletstorm dev People Can Fly, saying: "The studio has shipped AAA content. The next thing we do with People Can Fly will be great."

We do know that only 300k copies were shifted in its first month in the US

The game was gleefully received by critics prior to its release in February, and Epic said at the time that it was aiming for 1m unit sales of the title on the back of strong re-order numbers.

And it’s unlikely that the absurd Fox News report that irked the industry did much damage to the release either.

So why the low sales? It’s easy to blame the new IP curse. And of course, launching new IP is a tough sell. But could it simply be that in a world where new shooters are released nearly every week, gamers’ appetites are starting to dwindle?

And should the finger be pointed at EA? Many EA Partners published titles (Alice: Madness Returns, Shadows of the Damned – even Portal 2?) have failed to set the world alight as of late. Could the publisher have done more to help the game at retail?


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Mr Capps sorry to hear that you did not make any profit from this release.

Well welcome to our world - as an Indie Retailer we had to buy your product for £38.40 each unit incl VAt and were expected to sell it at £39.99. However when Supermarkets are selling your games for between £20 and £34.99 how could we possibly make any money.

The Games Industry in the UK is now very Transparent to the Consumer - they no longer buy on day one in any quantity they now wait for the reduced prices within the first 2 weeks.

Supermarkets and Amazon now have a trend with all new releases
Day One - £34.99
Day Seven - £30.00
Day Fourteen - £25.00

Whilst we as retailers still have to pay £38.40 from your Official Distributor.

I might also point out that due to your association with EA and their EA Online pass Customers are put off buying because they lose so much money on the Trade-In value once they have played it. EA Online pass is putting buyers EA Games.

Simon Gough

Simon Gough INDUSTRY
Jul 25th 2011 at 10:23AM

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