Epilepsy court case hits Sony and Vivendi

A US mother is to sue Sony, Sierra Entertainment and Vivendi Games after claiming that her son suffered an epileptic fit as a result of playing Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly.

Gamespot reports that the suit, filed at the New York Supreme Court, claims that defendants were ‘negligent, careless and reckless with regard to the design and manufacture of Spyro’ and that the game was dangerous even when used in its intended manner.

The woman claims that her child has suffered severe and permanent disabling injuries, requiring lifelong medical care.

All games now carry warnings on the inside of their instruction manuals about the small risk of epileptic seizures that games present, instructing users to stop playing immediately if they experience symptoms.

This is not the first time that epilepsy has seen gaming taken to the dock, with Nintendo escaping prosecution in 2003.


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