Europe becomes Sega's biggest territory

Christopher Dring
Europe becomes Sega's biggest territory

Europe is now Sega's biggest and most important market for boxed products.

The publisher has sold 5.95 million video games in Europe during the nine months ending December 31st.

That’s more than the 5.77m sold in the US and the 1.9m sold in Japan.

Overall the company shifted 13.63m boxed games worldwide, with the big releases for Q3 including Sonic Colours, Football Manager 2011, Vanquish and Japanese RPG Shining Hearts.

The numbers were revealed in Sega/Sammy’s financial report, which showed the company had seen profits rise 117 per cent, from £129m to £281m. For full details click here.

Sega’s boxed product business is largely based in Europe, with the US office restructured last year to focus more on digital opportunities.


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