Europe remains strong for EA

Ben Parfitt
Europe remains strong for EA

Despite a drop of revenues across every territory for EA in its Q3 2011, Europe has emerged as the most resilient region for the publisher.

Net revenues for Europe were down just two per cent year-on-year in Europe. By contrast, Asian revenues were down 21 per cent and North American revenues down 24 per cent.

Deferred net revenue for packaged goods and digital content was up 29 per cent in Europe. In Asia there was a six per cent rise and in North America an 11 per cent decline.

Europe now accounts for 45 per cent of EA's total non-GAAP net revenue, up from 39 per cent in the same period a year before. North America has fallen from 56 per cent to 50 per cent while Asia remains flat at five per cent.

The results echo those posted by Sega, for which Europe has grown into its most lucrative territory.


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