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Even the Queen loves Wii

Ben Parfitt
The People reports that Prince William is struggling to find time to play the Wii he received for Christmas recently – as his grandmother, who is the Queen incidentally, is apparently “hooked” on the machine.

The paper quotes a Sandringham source as saying: "When she saw William playing a game after lunch she thought the Nintendo looked tremendous fun and begged to join in. She played a simple ten-pin bowling game and by all accounts was a natural.

"It was hilarious. William was in fits of laughter. He was enormously impressed at having such a cool gran. His only difficulty now is prising it away from the Queen's clutches. She showed all the signs of becoming a Nintendo addict."

The paper explains that the Queen is apparently somewhat of a technical whiz, owning a BlackBerry, iPod and a number of flash mobile phones. We only wish we’d been there to see her excitement when the news broke of Sony’s recent PS3 update that saw its Blu-Ray player upgraded to Profile 1.1 and DivX and wmv support added – imagine her joy.


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