Excalibur's secret PC success

Ben Parfitt
Excalibur's secret PC success

When you think of a Top Ten PC game, the likes of StarCraft II, World of Warcraft, The Sims and Football Manager probably spring to mind. You certainly don’t think of Farming Simulator 2011.

But this quirky little niche game not only raced into sixth place in the PC Top Ten, it did it during what was a very busy November for new releases.

Even its publisher Excalibur was surprised by its success.

“I remember our product manager phoning me up about Farming Simulator,” Excalibur’s MD and industry veteran Robert Stallibrass says. “I laughed, and he laughed. And when we took the game to our buyers, they laughed.

“But it topped the All Formats chart in Germany and we sold thousands of copies in the UK. We even ran out of stock for a few days. The buyers take us seriously now – and that’s great for us little chaps.”

To read the full interview with Robert Stallibrass, click here.


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