F2P FPS Lethal Enterprise to use CryEngine 3

Ben Parfitt
F2P FPS Lethal Enterprise to use CryEngine 3

Developer New World has announced a brand new F2P first person shooter called Lethal Enterprise – and it will be powered by Crytek’s impressive CryEngine 3.

NowGamer reports that there are not yet any details regarding platforms or release dates. The PC is obviously the most likely contender, though the studio says it also works on platforms such as Xbox Live and PSN.

“Besides the game being about the drug war we don’t want to reveal too much,” New World boss Jeremy Blum stated.

“We’re very excited about licensing CryEngine and truly hope to raise the bar when it comes to visual expectations of free to play games.”

Crytek has previously said that it has sold in the region of 40 CryEngine 3 licenses.


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